STREET FRAGMENTS_physical theater  public space

This workshop is ment to explore performance techniques as danse composition, dialogue with an audience and improvisation in public space and social, political and site specific context. One of the workshop aims, is to guide and suport the participants in their creations by including their ideas within a final presentation.

THE FRACTAL BODY/ butoh dance and voice

The workshop revolves around three axes: the first is the great movements. The musical and physical composition of the participants, use of breathing and fractal rhythm. Finding here the work of the movement, going up, down and dancing, harmoniously the universe as a symbol of courage. Difficulties, fatigue, stress, self-help, combat, cunning, loneliness, fragility and strength … The aim of the new beginning. The second are the small movements driven by the inner and outer impulse. Small short scenes without words. Fear and consequences of action. The musical composition and the body of the brave, which brings the epic to reality. The third is the relationship with others. Interaction and participation. Constitution of the reaction to the proposals that are presented to us. To commit oneself, to confront the fear of the inner research and the transition to the ritual practice of “Courage” to face oneself. For this, we make use of elements of physical theater and dance, in a delicate game of construction and de-construction of images. We will present varieties of solos, duos, or small phrases. The principle is simple: Both the “inside” and the “outside” are in a common space: the participant is invited to enter, or simply observe from afar, playing in the interstices between public and private, between personal and shared logics . Where is the essence? By incorporating the self or the other, we learn about our nature – the hidden instincts, emotions, fears and desires, as a way of building knowledge.



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