tours 2012-18


11-28.01. Artistic residence unClearOnNUCLEAR, directing, Porto, PORTUGAL

17-26. 02. French-German Forum for young artists, artistic advisor, Leipzig, GERMANY

27. 02-15.04. Mahatat contemporary art festival, Stop and Dance Workshop/performance, Cairo, EGYPT

19-29.04. French-German Forum for young artists, artistic advisor, Alexandria, EGYPT

07.05-29.06. The merchant from Venice Shakespeare, performance/Choreography , Marburg, GERMANY

30.06-10.07 If this was my street, French German Forum for young artists workshop/performance, RennesFRANCE

18-27.07 Si esta fuera mi calle workshop/performance, Mexico city, MEXICO

29.07. ARENA performance-Festival La Guelaguetza, Oxaca, MEXICO

07.08. ARENA performance, Mexico city, MEXICO

28-30.08. Babilonia Performance Le Grand-Bournand, FRANCE 

17.09-05.10. If this was my street…workshop/performance ACE Academia Contemporanea  do Espectáculo, Porto, PORTUGAL

01-07.10 CARGOtopia festival, artistic direction, Porto, PORTUGAL

18-24.10 Artistic exchange Milan/Rome, ITALY

24-30 Artistic exchange London, ENGLAND

8-13.11 Performance 50th Anniversary of Kuwait Independence, Kuwait, KUWAIT

1-5.12 Workshop Marburg, GERMANY

14, 15, 17.12 Aerial performance directing Porto, PORTUGAL

20.12-03.13 Artistic residence writing, Los Angeles and S. Francisco, USA 


01.01-31.12 Artistic Residence Art Palace-Youth Foundation, Porto, Portugal

05.01-03.02 Artistic Residence Performance Directing Ofélia Machine Porto, PORTUGAL

09-11.02 Continuum Artistic Meeting Rennes, France

12-14.02 Directing Coração Mensagem Porto, PORTUGAL

15.02-05.04 Costume design, The Freedom Theater and Peter Pan directing Jenin, PALESTINE

06.04 Ritual performance idea Art Palace Residence, Porto, PORTUGAL

07-20.04 Link visual performance directingvOpening of Axa building, Primeira Avenida , Porto, PORTUGAL

20.04-13.05 Workshop/performance Directing Quebec, CANADA

01.05 St. Jonh Baloon performance/instalation directing, Porto, PORTUGAL

17.06-05.07. Continuum…workshop/performance, Rennes, FRANCE

26.07 Koolhas performance, Lemgo, GERMANY

11.09-08.10 tour JAPAN

19.10 Oliva Creative Factory openshow, S.Joao da Madeira, PORTUGAL

29.10-26.11 Artistic Residence FIIIIMP-CARGOTOPIA, Yucatan, MEXICO

27.103.12 Workshop, Orizabita, MEXICO

07.12 Performance, Oporto, PORTUGAL


01.02-30.04 Republica Tanguera, Avenue Tango/Quebeccity Dance Festival, performance co-direction, Quebec, CANADA

21-22.03 Intensive Workshop Physical Theatre and Improvisation, Studio Ventury, Montreal, CANADA

27- 28.03-2, 3, 4.04 Intensive Workshop Physical Theatre and Improvisation, L’Artère-contemporary dance development, Quebec, CANADA

14-24.05 If this was my street, workshop performance, Imaginarius festival, Feira, PORTUGAL

28-30.05 CCTAR and Plasticiens Volants, Opening of the Lisbon Parties (Festas de Lisboa), Lisbon, PORTUGAL

01.06-24.05 Windows performance directing,  Jenin PALESTINE 

25.06-07.07  If this was my street workshop performance, Warshaw, POLAND

12.07 Grotest Maru, Kolhaas performance, Postdam, GERMANY

19.07-31.08 Residence and Performance “CIRCUMAMBULAÇÃO” Performance Site-specific | Produção: PIA – Projectos de Intervenção Artística, Pinhal Novo, PORTUGAL

13.09 Festival Ciência na Rua, Performance “CIRCUMAMBULAÇÃO” Performance Site-specific |Produção: PIA – Projectos de Intervenção Artística, Estremoz, PORTUGAL

15.09-07.2016 Master Degree at Psicology and Science Education University of Porto Education, Comunity and social change. Porto, PORTUGAL

13.09 D’bandada music festival, AXA, PortoPORTUGAL

24.09-11.10 If this was my street workshop Performance Montreal, CANADA

05-21.09 Murmuradoras de Poemas, Feira do Livro e Inaugurations Bombarda, Porto, PORTUGAL

27.09 Flores de Outono, performance, Rua das Flores, Porto PORTUGAL

27.11.-10.12 Cargotopia festival,  Jenin PALESTINE

13-23.12 Express tree Bike moving  installation, Porto Lazer, Porto, PORTUGAL

10-16 Latin Parade, 15th Aniversary Anexation Macau to China, Macau, CHINA

6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 Angel, Performance, Porto Lazer, Porto, PORTUGAL


20-25 JANUARY, new home, Bohum, GERMANY

28 FEBRUARY Head in the clouds, performance, Porto, PORTUGAL

4-14 MARCH  residence, Lausagne, SWITZERLAND

9-12 APRIL, Little Nemo on Summerland, Aix-on-Provence, FRANCE

10, 18 e 25 APRIL, Street performances on revolution, Porto, PORTUGAL

11-21 MAY residence,  If This Was My street Residence, Workshop Performance, Imaginarius International Street Festival, Santa Maria Da Feira, PORTUGAL

30 MAY-01 JUNE, Children festival, Clowns in tour, Porto PORTUGAL

10 JUNE Das Tripas Coração, Celebration of the National day, Porto PORTUGAL

18-21 JUNE Be-in Healing and Organic Trance Gathering, Idanha-a-Nova, PORTUGAL

22 JUNE- 5 JULY Was My street Workshop Performance, Rennes, FRANCE

6-12 JULY Cidade Extraordinária, Workshop performance, festival SET, ESMAE, Porto, PORTUGAL

13-18 JULY Republica Tanguera, Workshop performace tango, Porto PORTUGAL

16 JULY Cidade Extra and Vento Norte performance, Conservatório de Música do Porto, PORTUGAL

17-18 JULY Arena Performance, Festival de Almada, PORTUGAL

29 JULY to 2 AUGUST Performace, Moskow, RUSSIA

28 JULY-15 AUGUST Ex…it Festival, Brollin, GERMANY

5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20 SEPTEMBER, Performance Feira do Livro, Cristal Palace, Porto, PORTUGAL

09, 10, 11 SEPTEMBER Fresh Street European seminar on the development of street arts, Tarrega, SPAIN

OCTOBER-DECEMBER Internship Porto cityhall/Porto Lazer, Porto, PORTUGAL

9-18 OCTOBER santiago way, PORTUGAL-SPAIN

28 OCTOBER-11 NOVEMBER, residence performance creation, “KULTURTUNNELRUHR” Oberhausen, Duisburg, Witten, Essen, GERMANY

2-8 DECEMBER, performance Latin Parade, Macao, CHINA

10-12 DECEMBER Cargotopia project meeting on bord, Santa Maria Manuela, Gafanha da Nazaré, PORTUGAL

19-20 DECEMBER Radical performance, Porto, PORTUGAL

13-18 DECEMBER If this was my street conference, workshop Camões Institute, Warshaw, POLAND

19-21 DECEMBER performance, St. Raphael, FRANCE

22-27 DECEMBER tour, Friedrichstaat, NORWAY

26-29 DECEMBER KnitPoint performance, Porto, PORTUGAL



1-14 JANUARY tour, Hamamatsu, Tokyo, JAPAN

16 JANUARY knit point performance, opening comtemporary art show at Bombarda gallery, Porto PORTUGAL

28-30 JANUARY Liquid Rooms event, Ateneu Comercial do Porto, PORTUGAL

1-29 FEBRUARY Internship Porto cityhall/Porto Lazer, Porto, PORTUGAL

5-12 MARCH Camélias Festival, Porto, Portugal

19 MARCH H2O performance, Inaugurações simultâneas Bombarda, Porto, PORTUGAL

2 APRIL performance DNCE, Porto,  PORTUGAL

4-9 APRIL workshop aerial dance Circriolo, Praia, CAP VERDE

10 APRIL, Opening of the Conservatório Nacional das Artes, Praia, CAP VERDE

11 APRIL Opening of the AME Atlantic Music EXPO, Praia, CAP VERDE

2528 APRIL, Grand Opera Publique, artistic meeting, Paris, FRANCE

29 APRIL, 6, 13 MAY  Workshop Imaginarius Creation, Lamas, PORTUGAL

7 MAY Opening of BOMBARDA art galleries street, Porto, PORTUGAL

11-15 MAY performance impro, Bochum, GERMANY

16 MAY Dj Polly, open press conference S. João festival, Porto, PORTUGAL

17-21 MAY performance Volare workshop Imaginarius Festival, Santa Maria da Feira, PORTUGAL

21 MAY performance Girl with Flying Balloon, Tram festival closing, Porto PORTUGAL

31 MAY-1 JUNE Performance os Benfeitores, Museu da Misericordia, Porto, PORTUGAL

9-19 JULY Grand Opera Publique/If this was my street, residence performance, Águeda, PORTUGAL

11-18 AUGUST residence and performance  BoomFestival, Idanha à Nova, PORTUGAL

18-30  AUGUST Residence workshop, Yumiko Yoshioka, Armazem 22 Gaia, PORTUGAL

2-7 SEPTEMBER artistic residence, Rotterdam, HOLAND

3 SEPTEMBER, TAOP NIFFO art gallery, The act of Painting-Gestual works, Rotterdam, HOLAND

4, 10, 11, 17, 18 SEPTEMBER, Performances, MANIF, POST IT, ASAP, Feira do Livro, Porto, PORTUGAL

24 SEPTEMBER, MANIF performance, opening of BOMBARDA art galeries, Porto PORTUGAL

10 SEPTEMBER-10 OCTOBER, artistic residence and performance, Fundation Casa Wabi  Puerto escondido, Oxaca, MEXICO

11-15 OCTOBER  workshop Physical Theater and improvisation, Mexico city, MEXICO

16-24 OCTOBER, artistic residence and contemporary art project at the indigenous schools, Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo, MEXICO

25 OCTOBER Talk with artist residents, Casa Wabi contemporary art Gallery, Mexico city, MEXICO

26-28 OCTOBER talking at seminar and conference MicroLAB for alternative contemporary art practices of building projects , Taxco, MEXICO

29 OCTOBER, Offering ceremony with Abuela Hikuri, Cuautla, MEXICO

30 OCTOBER-1 NOVEMBER, tour with Grupo Cultural Indigena, Orizabita, Hidalgo, MEXICO

2-4 NOVEMBER Artistic residence for Fundation Ecos del Valle Orizabita, Hidalgo, MEXICO

5-6 NOVEMBER workshop butoh, Cuernavaca, MEXICO

9-19 NOVEMBER Grand Opera Public residence, Paris, FRANCE

12 NOVEMBER Bombarda contemporary art Gallery opening, Porto, PORTUGAL

21-22 NOVEMBER workshop Warschaw Dance Department at the Culture Palace,Warsaw, POLAND

23-25 NOVEMBER on the frame of the Grand Opera Public, mine workers research residence Katowice , POLAND

2-6 DECEMBER Fractal Body butoh workshop and performance, Alma Negra Butoh Festival Madrid, SPAIN

5 DECEMBER opening performance for the 20 years UNESCO Porto world heritage cityhall Porto, PORTUGAL

1-23 DECEMBER Homem Ponto, Stop and Post performace, Porto PORTUGAL

23 DECEMBER Cais 447 red white and clouds performance, Porto PORTUGAL


12 JANUARY Butoh Festival, Kolkata, INDIA

14 JANUARY Bombarda contemporary art gallery street open, Porto PORTUGAL

22 JANUARY Bengalore Butoh Festival research & creation lab, Tumkur, INDIA

5 FEBRUARY workshops/performances Bangalore, INDIA

12 FEBRUARY Butoh Gathering Goa, INDIA

19 FEBRUARY-26 FEBRUARY Tantra Festival, Aureville, INDIA

3-10 March research, NEPAL

11 March Bombarda contemporary art gallery street open, Porto PORTUGAL

19-29 March AGITLAB#1 Butoh Clown Artistic residence curation, Agueda, PORTUGAL

25 March, performance installation, remember me DNCH, Porto, PORTUGAL

12 April-12 May AGITLAB#2 Installation and Scenography residence curation, Agueda, PORTUGAL

11 APRIL, Visit, Madrid, SPAIN

29 APRIL, Bombarda contemporary art gallery street open, Porto PORTUGAL

29 APRIL Plasticiens Volants, The last change, Toulouse, FRANCE

01-03 MAY Festival artists prospection, Barcelona, SPAIN

12 May-30 June, AGITLAB#3 Contemporary art and film residence curation, Agueda, PORTUGAL

24-26 MAY seminar for street arts front row delegate at FRESH STREET#2, Santa Maria da Feira, PORTUGAL

1-30 JUNE AGITLAB#4 contemporary art residence curation, Agueda PORTUGAL

8-10 JUNE MHV undercover performance, NOS primavera sound, Porto PORTUGAL

4-24 JULY AGITLAB#5 contemporary dance residence curation, Agueda PORTUGAL 

8 JULY performance Bombarda contemporary art gallery street open, Porto PORTUGAL

12-16 JULY, Canais Festival curation, Aveiro, PORTUGAL

3-13 AUGUST Alma Negra Iberian butoh festival curation, Agueda, PORTUGAL

31 AUGUST-1 SEPTEMBER, directing Fogo Líquido, Castelo de Vide, PORTUGAL

1-17 SEPTEMBER Installation/Performance directing  Book fair, Porto, PORTUGAL

20-25 SEPTEMBER Kolhaas performance grotest Maru, Berlin, Bochum, GERMANY

22 SEPTEMBER urban Mobility, Transact performance, by Lionesa, Maia, PORTUGAL

23 SEPTEMBER Bombarda contemporary art gallery street open, Porto PORTUGAL

5-17 OCTOBER performance tour, Guadalajara, Cidudad Juarez, Chihuahua, MEXICO

13 OCTOBER Magical Return artistic Direction, Performance, Montalegre, PORTUGAL

21-27 OCTOBER residence and workshop Barcelona, SPAIN

28-4 OCTOBER Ceramic Bienal, Aveiro, PORTUGAL

11 NOVEMBER Bombarda contemporary art gallery street open, Porto PORTUGAL

18-22 NOVEMBER Transact Artistic Residence, Instituto Camões, Warsaw, POLAND

2, 9, 16 e 23 DECEMBER Porto City//Micro Satellite performance, Porto, PORTUGAL

2, 10, 17 e 22 DECEMBER, TOY Performing in a music box, Porto, PORTUGAL

8, 9, 16, 23 DECEMBER White Tree Cristal dance Installation/Performance, Porto, PORTUGAL

3 DECEMBER writings with SKRF installation from Gifs van Bon, Porto, PORTUGAL

7-11 DECEMBER performance Plasticiens Volants, Recife, BRASIL

12 DECEMBER Conference Social Coercion, Porto, PORTUGAL

14-19 DECEMBER Performance Plasticiens Volants, Macao, CHINA

20-30 DECEMBER artistic residence writing, Chieng Mai, THAILAND


1-3 JANUARY research residence Tokyo, Hamamatsu, JAPAN

4-22 JANUARY workshop/residence/ Performance for Palestine, Rabat, Beni Mellal, Marrakech, Laayoune, Daklha, Casablanca, MAROCCO
22-25 JANUARY diving performance, Las Palmas, GRAN CANARIA
31 JANUARY- 27 FEBRUARY artistic residence Ouagadougou, Bobo, Banfora, BURKINA FASO
13 MARCH Conference social cohesion Art School Soares dos Reis, Porto, PORTUGAL
6 MARCH- 10 JUNE performance installation Labirinto Sensorial, HAT weekend, São João da Madeira, PORTUGAL
27 MARCH-10 APRIL readings and performance from the writer Rosa Alice Branco Jersey City University, New York State Writer’s Institute Albany, University of Massachusetts, Cambridge, Smith College Poetry Center, USA
15-21 APRIL Performance Kolhaas Berlin, GERMANY
22 APRIL-6 MAY artistic residence curation MADPOOLS, Agueda, PORTUGAL
16-22 MAY performance Plasticiens Volants, Boulogne sur Mer, FRANCE
23 MAY to 24 JUNE residence Magic Carpet, Creative Europe Program, Zagreb, Jelsa, CROATIA
25 JUNE-8 JULY art residence curation ALMA NEGRA, AGITme Agueda, PORTUGAL
11-15 JULY Festival dos Canais curation, Aveiro, PORTUGAL
16-18 JULY ETNO festival performance directing , Humac, CROATIA
20-22 JULY Performance directing, HAT weekend, São João da Madeira, PORTUGAL
24 JULY-1 AUGUST writing residence, Miami, USA
3-12 AUGUST Artistic Laboratory,  Chiusa di Pesio, ITALY
24-25 AUGUST Festival Trifásico, Agueda, PORTUGAL
27-30 AUGUST performance festival Forte, Montemor-o-Velho, PORTUGAL
1-2 SEPTEMBER Festival Trifásico, Agueda, PORTUGAL
20-22 SEPTEMBER youth week CIRCULAR event, São João da Madeira, PORTUGAL
20-30 SEPTEMBER Conserva performance direction, Sines, PORTUGAL 
25 OCTOBER Sem Rótulos, opening performance of the collective exhibition about Amadeo de Souza Cardoso works, Museu da Cidade, Espinho, PORTUGAL
28 OCTOBER-11 November YALA YALA TOUR residence-performance Street art festival Laayoune, Sahara, MAROCCO
14 OCTOBER workshop, Beni Melal, MAROCCO
26-30 OCTOBER, Transformative Art Project, micro residence, Zagreb, Hvar Island, CROATIA
15 NOVEMBER- 15 December, Eu dentro nós fora, social art project, Agueda, PORTUGAL

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