tour 2017-18


12 JANUARY Butoh Festival, Kolkata, INDIA

14 JANUARY Bombarda contemporary art gallery street open, Porto PORTUGAL

22 JANUARY Bengalore Butoh Festival research & creation lab, Tumkur, INDIA

5 FEBRUARY workshops/performances Bangalore, INDIA

12 FEBRUARY Butoh Gathering Goa, INDIA

19 FEBRUARY-26 FEBRUARY Tantra Festival, Aureville, INDIA

3-10 March research, NEPAL

11 March Bombarda contemporary art gallery street open, Porto PORTUGAL

19-29 March AGITLAB#1 Butoh Clown Artistic residence curation, Agueda, PORTUGAL

25 March, performance installation, remember me DNCH, Porto, PORTUGAL

12 April-12 May AGITLAB#2 Installation and Scenography residence curation, Agueda, PORTUGAL

11 APRIL, Visit, Madrid, SPAIN

29 APRIL, Bombarda contemporary art gallery street open, Porto PORTUGAL

29 APRIL Plasticiens Volants, The last change, Toulouse, FRANCE

01-03 MAY Festival artists prospection, Barcelona, SPAIN

12 May-30 June, AGITLAB#3 Contemporary art and film residence curation, Agueda, PORTUGAL

24-26 MAY seminar for street arts front row delegate at FRESH STREET#2, Santa Maria da Feira, PORTUGAL

1-30 JUNE AGITLAB#4 contemporary art residence curation, Agueda PORTUGAL

8-10 JUNE MHV undercover performance, NOS primavera sound, Porto PORTUGAL

4-24 JULY AGITLAB#5 contemporary dance residence curation, Agueda PORTUGAL 

8 JULY performance Bombarda contemporary art gallery street open, Porto PORTUGAL

12-16 JULY, Canais Festival curation, Aveiro, PORTUGAL

3-13 AUGUST Alma Negra Iberian butoh festival curation, Agueda, PORTUGAL

31 AUGUST-1 SEPTEMBER, directing Fogo Líquido, Castelo de Vide, PORTUGAL

1-17 SEPTEMBER Installation/Performance directing  Book fair, Porto, PORTUGAL

20-25 SEPTEMBER Kolhaas performance grotest Maru, Berlin, Bochum, GERMANY

22 SEPTEMBER urban Mobility, Transact performance, by Lionesa, Maia, PORTUGAL

23 SEPTEMBER Bombarda contemporary art gallery street open, Porto PORTUGAL

5-17 OCTOBER performance tour, Guadalajara, Cidudad Juarez, Chihuahua, MEXICO

13 OCTOBER Magical Return artistic Direction, Performance, Montalegre, PORTUGAL

21-27 OCTOBER residence and workshop Barcelona, SPAIN

28-4 OCTOBER Ceramic Bienal, Aveiro, PORTUGAL

11 NOVEMBER Bombarda contemporary art gallery street open, Porto PORTUGAL

18-22 NOVEMBER Transact Artistic Residence, Instituto Camões, Warsaw, POLAND

1 DECEMBER Tree Falling star, Porto, PORTUGAL

8, 9, 16, 23 DECEMBER White Tree breaking apart Installation/Performance, Porto, PORTUGAL

5-30 DECEMBER artistic residence writing, Cartagena, COLOMBIA

31 DECEMBER Floresta Viva performance, Ribeira da Pena, PORTUGAL


3-13 JANUARY research residence Tokyo, Hamamatsu, JAPAN

JANUARY-JULY Artistic residence and curation VOL#FRAME74, Borralha, PORTUGAL (option)

13 APRIL Festival 13 Curation and artistic direction, Montalegre, PORTUGAL (Option)

15 APRIL 15 MAY human artistic residence, Mexico City, MEXICO

15 APRIL- 16 JULY AGITlabMICROresidences, Agueda, PORTUGAL

16-30 MAY artistic residence for the creation of playgrounds installations for Indigenous schools Fundación Ecos del Vale, Ixmiquilpan, MEXICO (Option)

JUNE-JULY  CANAIS urban production festival curation, Aveiro, PORTUGAL

AUGUST Artistic residence and festival curation IN#CAN, Espinho, PORTUGAL (Option)

SEPTEMBER Artistic Direction, Festival do Mar, Sines, PORTUGAL (Option)

OCTOBER Bienal de Literatura Aveiro, PORTUGAL (Option)




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